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True Woman Blog: What's the big deal with traditional marriage? Part 2
Although people have various reasons for where they come down on the issue of homosexuality, for me it is more about the nature of God than about sexual preference.

True Woman Blog: Transformed Women: Laura Mathias
Although we usually focus on True Woman events here on the blog, I wanted to go in a different direction today and share with you the story of one woman who is finding healing in her heart and marriage through the True Woman message.

True Woman blog: Mr. Right When You Need Him
"Mr. Right When You Need Him" promises to be a woman's consistent supporter in an inconsistent world, her number-one protector, and her first and foremost fan. And that is the desire of a woman's heart, isn't it?

True Woman Blog: A 20-Year-Old We Could All Learn From, Part 2
"As Jonathan's plans advanced and marriage seemed like the greatest possibility, I found myself asking, 'How can this be? I am so young and unprepared.'"

True Woman Blog: Marriage tips from a real pro
My family just had the enormous joy of celebrating my parent’s 60th wedding anniversary. Seizing the occasion, I asked my mom to come up with a few tidbits of marriage/relationship advice to share with you on the blog.

True Woman Blog: Say "I Do" to the Name Change
Why should you say “I do” to changing your name when you get married?

True Woman Blog: True Woman Videos: Why you don't have to quit
Do you feel like “throwing in the towel” in your marriage, in your faith walk with Jesus, in life in general? As you watch this video, be encouraged that because God is a God of redemption, there’s no reason to quit! There is a way out, and He will provide that at the right time.

True Woman Blog: What Your Hubby Wishes You Knew About Being His Wife
When my husband and I were married over 30 years ago, I didn't know what I didn't know about marriage, men, or relationships. I knew that I loved Bob and that I wanted to be with him until “death do us part,” and I thought that was enough.

True Woman Blog: Do All Men Cheat?
Sometimes I think we see ourselves as more spiritual than our male counterparts. The Truth is the Holy Spirit lives in men who know Jesus as vibrantly as it lives in our own hearts. Men aren’t given an extra dose of the sin nature any more than we have been given an extra helping of self-control.

True Woman Blog: Kim's Marriage Miracle
know it may be hard for you to believe, but Kim was not always as sweet as she is today! She is a trophy of God’s grace. But then, so are most of us . . .