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Your Work and Your Worth - #6664
It's time to dig down deep into where our identity was supposed to be; being God's workmanship, the Bible says; paid for by the blood of God's Son, who thought you were worth dying for.


When Life is Just "More Of The Same" - #6323
I'm thanking God today that life doesn't have to be a meaningless parade of days that replay the same old questions and the same old emptiness. On the day we step into the relationship we were made for, we step into the "more" God put us here for, and the search is over.


Meaningless in the Bible - a Christian perspective
King Solomon begins the book of Ecclesiastes by stating that all is meaningless. Utterly meaningless.


Vanity - a Christian perspective
This dark passage laments the meaninglessness--the empty vanity--of all of man's work and words.


Happiness in the Bible: Ecclesiastes 2:24-26
How do we find happiness in life? Not by pursuing wealth, fame, and pleasure, as the author of this passage learns to his chagrin. After chasing after life's distractions in search of happiness, he learns that true happiness comes from God, who bestows it on those who follow Him.