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Free ebook: Using Film in Christian Communication
Moving pictures have captivated audiences since their invention. Whether to capture reality or create an alternate narrative, film has taken us on a fascinating journey during the last century.


Being tools for the Master. Our part in God's plan of evangelization.
Guest article by Mathew Varghese, General Secretary of Union of Evangelical Students of India. A reminder that the medium is not the message, and that though the Web is indeed a tool, ultimately, we are the tools the Master uses. © Ethne Magazine, used by permission. Communication is possible in different ways. We use various tools to get the message across. These days, we see the highest advance of media utilization in missions. But the sad reality is that in the fast track of technological know-how, we often tend to forget Jesus' way of communication.


The internet: Everything you ever need to know
Here is a long but very useful analysis by John Naughton, Professor of the Public Understanding of Technology at the Open University. He is currently working on a book about the internet phenomenon.


"Medium" in the Bible: Deuteronomy 18:10-12
In Deuteronomy the Hebrew people are told they should not consult mediums, nor practice divination or sorcery. They are told that anyone who is involved in such things is detestable to the LORD.