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Overcoming the fear inherent in missions
Whenever you step out in faith into an unknown situation, there is fear. Missionary work is no...

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CSM New York City Highlight
CSM New York has just finished wrapping up a busy summer season…and is looking forward to another busy year! We spent our second summer in New York welcoming 34 different youth groups to the city and partnering them with over 30 different organizations in New York.

CSM Nashville Highlight
Good food, good conversation, stellar entertainment. These are the makings for an amazing evening, by anyone’s standards. Who would expect to find these elements under a bridge?

Urban Short Term Mission Trips with the Center for Student Missions
CSM has a very clear mission: to provide students and adults with an effective urban ministry experience that transforms lives, influences local churches and honors Christ.

free mission trip resources in Spanish
This page is meant to be used by anyone needing some basic materials in Spanish for mission trips. All the materials are free of charge.

CSM City Highlights
Each month CSM highlights one of our city sites to give you an in-depth look at what's happening in urban centers throughout North America.

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The latest news from CSM.

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CSM Promotional Material
Download and print off as much material as you need to promote your upcoming CSM trip.

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