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Aaron - a Christian perspective
Aaron was Moses' brother, but that didn't mean he always followed God's laws like he should have. Here, he helps the Israelites create a golden calf idol while Moses is away.

"Do not be afraid" in the Bible: Joshua 1:9
After Moses' death, Joshua was scared and intimidated by the weight of responsibility he had assumed as Moses' successor. God spoke to Him and assured him that there was no need to be afraid, since God was with Him.

Let my people go - a Christian perspective
Moses famously confronted the Pharaoh of Egypt with a simple demand: let my people go! Pharaoh refused to release the enslaved Israelites, and paid the price through a series of plagues.

Miriam in the Bible: Numbers 12:1-16
Miriam joins with her brother Aaron in this story to oppose Moses over his Cushite wife. After a confrontation, Miriam is punished with leprosy--but at Moses' request, God heals her after a week-long exile from the Israelite camp.

Commandment in the Bible: Exodus 20:1-21
The Ten Commandments formed the cornerstone of the Israelite faith for centuries, and Christians today continue to use them as a guide to God's will for human behavior. This is the account of their original revelation to Moses and Israel.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - Your Secret Weapon - #8269 | Radio Program | A Life That Matters
Steve was one of the world’s great pool players. He was a winner on the outside. Inside, he knew something big was missing. It turned out it was Jesus. When he opened his life to the God who made Him, he realized that a lot of the junk that went with his life on the pool circuit didn’t go with following Jesus. He laid it all down. He went for years of Christian education. And as He told me, to his surprise, God then told him to pick up that pool cue again and use it to point people to Jesus…which he’s been doing big time. And folks who love the game he loves are getting introduced to the Savior he loves.

I am who I am - a Christian perspective
When asked for a name by which God should be identified to the Egyptian Pharaoh who had enslaved His people, God told Moses to simply call Him "I AM"--a reference to God's eternal, omnipotent sovereignty.

Holy ground in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Standing in God's presence, Moses was on holy ground. He was instructed to remove his sandals as a gesture of respect to the God who was speaking to him.

Laws in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Exodus 21 begins the long list of laws that God handed down to the Israelites through Moses.

God's glory in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Moses asked for the privilege of looking directly at God. God agreed to give Moses a glimpse of His glory, but Moses was allowed only to glance at God's back as He passed--looking directly into God's face would mean death.