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Mom's Greatest Gift - #6668
There is no greater gift a mother can give her children than to pray them to the foot of Jesus' cross. There is no greater gift a child can give a mother than to live their life for Jesus.


A Parent's Hardest Job - #6338
We're assigned to nudge our children slowly but surely toward the gate. The gate's called personal responsibility. And if we do it well, they'll one day rise up and call us blessed. We just don't dare need them too much for our own identity. See, we're supposed to be getting them ready to leave. And that's a parent's hardest responsibility, but it's also one of our most important jobs.


How to Save Your Child - #6235
When we hold onto our child, we create a rebel or a robot. When we release our child to the God who gave that child to us, we cooperate with the great plan for which our child was created.


Revive Our Hearts: God's Beautiful Design for Women: Living Out Titus 2:1-5 - part 2
Join Nancy as she digs into Titus 2:1-5 to discover God's beautiful design for you as a woman. Along the way, learn how to mentor younger women in their own journey toward godliness.

http://reviveourhearts.com/topics/series.php?series=247&topic_name=Biblical Womanhood

Who is my mother? - a Christian perspective
Although Jesus had a physical human family, he considered his disciples and followers to be his true spiritual family.


The Winter of Their Leaving, The Spring of Their Return - #2398
Maybe it seems hopeless right now, but don't underestimate the power of Savior to bring stray children home. Believe Jesus for the day when He will in a sense give you back that child that you prayed for so long. In the meantime, let the father and the prodigal son be your example.


Honor in the Bible: Exodus 20:12
The fifth of the Ten Commandments instructs us to honor our parents. Stable family relationships are important in the Bible--and while the realities of our sinful world sometimes make it impossible, whenever we can, we are called to show respect to our fathers and mothers.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Mother's Day Gifts - #8007
Maybe that’s one of the reasons I’ve been thinking about some gifts that are more durable than that to show your Mom or your wife that, well, she’s the life that matters to you. The Bible describes a woman like that.


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The Restorer: Sharon Hinck
The Restorer A Novel In a fierce struggle for survival, don’t mess with a mom. Her adventure will forever change her family, her faith, and how she experiences love—from the One.