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Give thanks for mom!
This Sunday is Mother's Day in the U.S.—the perfect opportunity for you to tell mom that...

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True Woman: Redefining Motherhood
Rizzuto planned to leave her husband and two young sons for a six-month opportunity to do research for a book in Japan, but while there she made the defining choice to leave her family for good. Some are applauding her brave decision to “redefine motherhood,” while others think it is plain selfish.

True Woman: Don’t Just Hang in There!
Moms, please don’t let these days slip by too quickly. Stop to play. Stop to sing and rock. Stop to pray with your toddler. Hug the squabbling siblings and sneak out of the house to have a Sonic date with your teen!

True Woman: Being “all there” for your kids
Being a mother is just plain, hard work. At times, it feels like slave labor! Moms can identify with the cartoon of a toddler looking at a wedding album with his daddy and saying, “So that’s the day Mommy came to work for us!”

True Woman Blog: Little people grow up way too fast!
Today's post is for those young moms who've had a really long day of laundry and dirty diapers, one too many spills, and no breaks from the world of "toddlerhood" for weeks!

True Woman Blog: Erin on “Voices”: A Momma After God’s Own Heart
Motherhood gives us feelings of fuzzy blankets and baby rattles and toys to line the crib. But motherhood is actually one of God’s refining fires. The reality of motherhood is that it’s a place to learn surrender, letting go, trusting, and believing that God is God.

True Woman Blog: Waiting for Children
First comes marriage, then comes children, right?

Revive Our Hearts: Metamorphosis of a Mom with Janet Lynn Salomon
Janet Lynn, former champion figure skater, faced a struggle and decided to leave a successful ice skating career to devote herself to her husband and children.

Mothers in the Bible: Proverbs 31:9-31
You've probably heard of the "Proverbs 31 woman"--the role model for Christian women, often cited in Mother's Day sermons. But despite its (over)use, this passage is a wonderful portrait of a woman committed to God: gracious in her relationships, savvy and integrity-filled in her professional life, and righteous in her behavior.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Mother's Day Gifts - #8007
Maybe that’s one of the reasons I’ve been thinking about some gifts that are more durable than that to show your Mom or your wife that, well, she’s the life that matters to you. The Bible describes a woman like that.

Spoken Like a True Woman: A Conversation with Janet Parshall
Janet Parshall explains why her work in broadcasting and public policy remains a lower priority in life than her role as a wife and mother. Be encouraged to fulfill the most important roles God has for you as a woman. Womanhood