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Islam and Christianity - Faith Facts
Explore what the SOURCE documents say concerning these two major world religions, Christianity and Islam. That is, we will explore and compare the Bible and the Quran, plus the written traditions of Islam.

Lausanne World Pulse - Perfect Strangers: Christians Among Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims
An in-depth look at Christian contact with non-Christians reveals the Church is found lacking in its efforts to reach the world for Christ.

Lausanne World Pulse- Global Christianity Contextual Religious Identity & Local Theologies
How does Christianity interact with other major religious traditions and how does this interaction affect Christian identity? Looking into the Christian communities: Īsā Imandars and Khrist Bhaktas in South Asia and asking the question, are they truly Christian?

Lausanne World Pulse - Islam and Christianity: Why Muslims Dominate and Christians Suffer
Ever since Islam began in the seventh century, there have been Christian communities living as minorities in Muslim-majority contexts. Their circumstances have varied at different times and in different places, but almost always Christians experience some degree of discrimination.

Lausanne World Pulse - Learning from Persecuted Christians and Joining in the struggle.
On 1 September 2005, the Indonesian Indramayu local court found Dr. Rebekka Zakaria, Eti Pangesti and Ratna Bangun guilty of breaching the 2002 Child Protection Law and sentenced them to three years in prison. They were convicted for running a religious education program for children.

Lausanne World Pulse - Into Their World...The Bangali of Bangladesh
With more than 99% of the Bengali in Bangladesh being Muslim, this people group remains one of the least-evangelized in the 10/40 Window. By Laurie Fortunak

What is Islam? - Into Thy Word Ministries
Understanding and Responding to Islam in the Light of September 11. In this study, we will be seeking to better understand Islam, Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden and some of the reasons why the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 took place. What is the root of terrorism?

Royal Chapel of Cholula
The Royal Chapel of Cholula in the Franciscan church of San Gabriel, not far from Puebla, Mexico, is an authentic copy of the great mosque of Cordorba, Spain.

The Five Pillars of Islam
One must give testimony that there is only one true God, and that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His servant and messenger...

Muhammad - The prophet of Islam
"Muhammad was born in 570 AD in the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. He was from a very important tribe, the Quraish.