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A Chapter At a Time - #6811
God wants to build trust in Him in a day-to-day relationship. And so He shows us the story a little at a time. Like Abraham, your mission is to take the step He shows you today from His Word; not to worry about the whole big picture.


Who's Feeding You? - #6309
The foundation of a relationship with Jesus Christ comes down to you and Jesus, alone in a room. You with a Bible in your hands digging out your personal word for today from the Word of God.


Evangelism and meeting people within common interests and needs
Being what they search for: Google can predict a flu outbreak in a particular town or area long before the medical authorities, based an upsurge in geographical searches about flu. Google has a unique*, mind-blowing direct line into the minds of the planet. (*With the exception of God, of course.)


Saying Goodbye to What's Been Holding You Back - #6120
What a day this could be if you would make it your Jesus-day - the day you open your heart for Him to come in and forgive all the sin of your life and free you from the dependencies that have been holding you back. Just talk to Him where you are. Tell Him you're done driving your own life, that your only hope is Him and what He did on the cross for you, and that from this day on, you're His.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - Good News, Bad News, Money News - #8229 | Radio Program | A Life That Matters
The pastor got up to the pulpit one Sunday and made an unusual announcement: “I’ve got some bad news, some good news and some bad news for you.” He had everybody’s attention. He said, “The bad news is the roof on the church is shot; it’s got to be replaced. The good news is we have the money. The bad news is it’s in your wallets!”


Desperate in the Bible - a Christian perspective
The psalmist cries out to God in desperation. When we're at the end of our rope and life seems to be collapsing around us, God is able to step in and restore us.


Need - a Christian perspective
Christians never need to worry about how they will bring their needs and requests to God's attention. He knows what we need before we even ask!


Kindness in the Bible: Deuteronomy 22:1-4
There's more to living righteously than just believing the right things. This passage encourages us not to passively sit by in the face of need, but to actively get out there and help those who need it. Whether it's a neighbor who needs a hand or a relief project across the world, we're called to actively work to help others.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Feeling Helpless - #8101
A lot of things are out of our control. They always have been. Actually, we only think we’re in control any time. We don’t run this universe. We don’t even decide if we take another breath, but things are never out of God’s control.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Drought School - #4115
It's amazing how a drought can get you praying - any kind of drought - even if the drought is financial, or medical, or family, or one of life's emotional or spiritual dry spells. I was reminded of what one veteran farmer told me a few years ago. He said, "The farther we have gotten from the land, the farther we have gotten from God." There's something to that.