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Speeding by the Cross - #5838
There's so many miles you've traveled, and maybe so many times you've breezed by the Son of God who died for you. But this is your day to stop and experience for yourself what Jesus died on the cross to give you. You will never be the same.


Caught Unprepared - #5825
You can reject Jesus simply by doing nothing. And believing in Him means you've told Him that you are placing your total trust in Him to be your Rescuer from your sin.


How Satan Sets You Up - #5766
The setup shot of feeling "entitled" is subtle. It's expressed in feelings like these, "I deserve it after all I've done" or "after all I've been through." Or "I need it. I'm entitled to look after my needs for awhile." Or "Others are. Why can't I?" If you're entertaining feelings like those, listen to the alarms going off today.


The Mirror Difference - #5742
There is nothing more vital to your following Christ than getting personal direction from Him each day through His words. You may be reading the Bible, but are you letting the Bible read you? Before you read, ask God, the Author of what you're about to read, to take His words and help you apply them to something specific that you're going to face this very day.


The Name on the Gift - #5729
I can't think of anything more exciting for you this Christmas than to look at the gift and realize that it's got your name on it. The gift God sent Jesus to give you, that is. It could be that He's been standing there in front of you, offering you this greatest gift of all for a long time. But you've never really realized that it had your name on it. You've never reached out and received it. It's time.


The Hands Tell it All - #5721
Jesus wants to be with you every remaining day of your life. And He wants you to be with Him forever. Could you reach out to Him today? And when you've taken your last breath, you'll meet Him at last. And you'll know Him when you see Him by the print of the nails in His hands.


Go-bedience - #5709
You're waiting until there's more facts, until more of the risks are eliminated, to analyze the situation a little more, to get more signs. But you're not obeying! It's not obedience until it's go-bedience! And faith obedience steps out, not because you know where or how, but because you know Who. You know Who you are following. You're following an all-powerful Lord who will never do you wrong!


The Greatest Miracle Known to Man - #5701
Jesus, this name you have to believe in, means "Jehovah saves." So when you "believe in His name," you're telling Jesus that you're taking Him as your personal Rescuer from the death penalty for your sins because He's the only One who died for them.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - You're in the Picture! - #5696
Many people see Jesus dying on that cross but they don't reach out to Him to be their Savior from their sin. You can reject Him aggressively like that one man, or passively just by simply failing to grab this Rescuer who's come for you. And that may be you at Jesus' cross. You've never really placed your trust in Him as your only hope for getting to heaven.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Highest Wall in the World - #5685
God is the relationship we've been missing and looking for our whole lives. We're lonely because we don't have His love. We're empty because only He can fill the hole in our heart. We're wondering what the meaning of our life is, but we can't get to the only One who knows, because He put us here. The wall is there. If we die with that wall still there between us and God, it will be there forever. The Bible has a word for that - hell. Even the heaven we want to go to is on the other side of that wall.