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Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Running Red Lights - #4550
It's just plain foolish not to stop when the God of the universe says to. If you run the red light, one of two hurtful things is going to happen. Either God will do something more drastic and more painful to stop you, or He'll get out of your way and He'll let you walk right into the very unhappy ending down the road. But today ... today He's giving you one more chance to stop before the cliff ahead. Don't choose the pain of running God's red light. Stop - before you get hit.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Trading Empty For Full - #4303
Not a bad deal. I gave my friend what was empty and he replaced it with what was full. Just like Jesus. I handed him a life that was pretty empty, and He gave me back a life that is amazingly full. He's done that for countless people, and He would love to do that for you.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Old On The Outside, New On The Inside - #4330
"We do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day." Now, make no mistake about it - the outside Paul was really taking a beating ... sometimes literally. Earlier in this chapter, he describes himself as "hard-pressed on every side," - maybe you can relate to that - "perplexed, persecuted, struck down." But though he's showing and feeling the mileage on the outside, he says God keeps renewing him on the inside.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Downside of Freedom - #4342
The great gift of freedom -- tragically abused. It's a scenario God knows all too well. Because some of the people He has set free are using that freedom in ways that hurt Him, that hurt them, and hurt other people.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The God Who Knows Your Name - #4349
I guess that's one of the greatest surprises in our life, isn't it? When it dawns on you that the biggest person there is in the entire universe actually knows your name - and loves you, not as one of six billion inhabitants of Planet Earth, but as if you were the only one on this planet!


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Trouble with the Top of the Mountain - #4374
I made a simple mistake the day of the dunes. I kept thinking that what I was looking for was just over the next hill. It wasn't. That's a mistake a lot of us have made - with our life. We've kept climbing a mountain that we were sure would bring us what we were looking for once we got to the top. But so far, it never has.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Missing Birthday - #4379
Our grandson knows when he was born. You know when you were born - even if you've got so many candles on your cake now that it sets off the smoke detector. Basic fact of life: your life had a definite beginning. There was a point in time at which you were born into your family. It's the same in God's family.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Master Heart Surgeon - #4390
If God was a doctor, I think He'd be a heart specialist. Actually, He is a heart specialist - look at how He has changed your heart and mine. And you may be facing a situation right now that will only change for the better if someone's heart changes. There may be someone out there whose heart, whose attitude, is standing in the way of something you believe God wants done. It's time for some heart surgery - and one of the most powerful prayers you can learn to pray.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Shocking Truth About History's Ultimate Crime - #4399
If there's one thing you want to be straight on, it's understanding the death of Jesus Christ. Because God says what we do with what His Son did there will decide where we spend eternity.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Energy or Fat? - #4577
Why is it that North American Christians are so well fed, and yet, so spiritually powerless compared to third world Christians who have so much less? Could it be that we're just hearing it, filing it, and not applying it? Are we just letting it turn into spiritual fat? And people in situations where they have to put it immediately to work are living on it, living for it, living it!