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Don't use insider Christian religious jargon
Three funny but serious video clips highlight the importance of avoiding 'Christianese' jargon.


Vineyard church website design
How to create church sites that can reach out effectively into the community.


Jesus the Communicator - how Jesus met the felt personal needs of individual people
Down the long, dusty road on their way from Jericho to Jerusalem, almost two thousand years ago, trod Jesus with His motley band of twelve disciples, followed by a huge crowd. Because of their long journey, they were all hot and sweaty. The dust clung to them. They were weary, but Jesus was at the height of His popularity and the great crowd of people pressed close to Him. They were jabbering endlessly. Asking questions. Seeking favours. They could be heard a mile away.


Book review: Jim and Caspar Go to Church, by Henderson and Caspar
This book complements unChristian, by explaining the journey of Jim (a pastor) and Matt (atheist) as they visit unannounced (rather like a ‘mystery shopper’) a range of churches. Their observations need to be taken on board, discussed, and acted upon, by every church, everywhere!


Book review: Inside the Mind of Unchurched Harry and Mary by Lee Strobel
Understanding how non-Christians actually think is essential to effective evangelism. Strobel’s book is a valuable eye-opener.


Book review: unChristian - What a New Generation Really Thinks about Christianity, by Kinnaman and Lyons
Every year, there are one or two titles published which draw together truths or research which are vital for the church to understand. This is such a book. Unless we understand how outsiders perceive the Christian faith, and their reasons, we will never be able to reach them. The ‘unChristian’ in the title actually refers to us, not to outsiders!