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The Pregnant Pause - #6767
God has started His greater good, but right now it's just shaking up your world. Oh, He'll explain it. He'll fulfill it in the future. But now, in between, obey before you understand - like a boy jumping off a sled before his Dad told him why. Joseph discovered that the apparent disaster is actually clearing the way for a mighty work of God. You've just got to obey in the meantime.


Being obedient… even when it hurts
A devotional from Lifetime Guarantee Ministries challenges us to think about obedience by looking at the story of Naaman. How obedient are you? And exactly what role does obedience play in your relationship with Jesus Christ?


Go-bedience - #5709
You're waiting until there's more facts, until more of the risks are eliminated, to analyze the situation a little more, to get more signs. But you're not obeying! It's not obedience until it's go-bedience! And faith obedience steps out, not because you know where or how, but because you know Who. You know Who you are following. You're following an all-powerful Lord who will never do you wrong!


Obedience in the Bible: Hebrews 13:17
This is another Bible passage that discusses how we are to relate to people put in authority over us. We're to obey and respect them (so long as doing so doesn't disobey God), and we are not to do anything to make their tasks more difficult than necessary.


Search the Bible for the keyword "obey".


Bible Questions for the Church of Christ - Faith Facts
There is a wide range of views within the Church of Christ. Some would be considered mainstream within Christianity. This article poses questions to the Church of Christ who refuse fellowship with non-Church of Christ. Questions posed include these issues: Gospel,true church, baptism, music....