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The Price to Go Free - #6005
When Jesus was going through that awful agony of the cross, He was literally paying for everything you've ever done against God. For you to pay for your sins would take an eternity in hell. But the Son of God was paying your price, going through your hell for you, and He sacrificed His life on the cross. He was literally taking your place and mine!


Paid back in the Bible -a Christian perspective
Peter writes that those who blaspheme are like beasts, they are not even men. He says they will be paid back harm for harm in the end.


The Price to Go Free - #5750
You don't have to be in stained glass windows. You don't have to be in a church. God is right there waiting. He's been waiting a long time to hear you say, "Jesus, I'm Yours." He's alive today because He walked out of His grave after He died for you.