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Avoid Spankings - #2549
You will ultimately submit to God's way sooner or later, after a little pain, or a lot of pain. Now, take advantage of my friend's scientific thinking, why not eliminate any more pain? Why not do what God said to do, now! It's the road you were made for anyway. Is your way really worth all this pain?

The Garbage Miracle - #3010
Beauty from ashes - praise from despair - something very special from something very ugly. If you will let Jesus be the Lord of your life's pile of garbage, He can make of it a mountain from which many will be able to see Him.

No more - a Christian perspective
The great promise of Jesus is that through his redeeming work, we can look forward to a day when we will live with God, in a kingdom where there is no more pain, sorrow, or suffering.

Leading Them Out of the Cage - #3532
A person who has tasted something better has to go into that cage where they are and help them get out. Someone has to say, "Follow me to something better." It might mean some pain, some risk - but you could be the one God is calling to go into that cage and lead them out. Let God use you to display the awesome power of one changed life!

The Better Beyond The Bitter - #2813
This night, even this long night, will not last forever. And on the other side a time of joy that is hard for you to imagine right now but which God guarantees. In fact, the beautiful time may actually be produced by the bitter time, as the joy of a new baby is produced by a painful delivery process. But you do have to get through this bitter taste, without abandoning your Lord or His plans.

No Diagnosis, No Relief - #2808
We had no hope of our sin-cancer being cured, but God, the One we have sinned against, sacrificed His one and only Son to pay the death penalty for our sin. The cure involves blood - the blood Jesus poured out when He died to remove the guilt and hell of your sin.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - The List That Rules Your Life - #8266 | Radio Program | A Life That Matters
There are way too many stories like this one in the news, but this one seemed colder and more brutal than most. A quiet man set out on a killing rampage, making his way across the miles to murder one family member or coworker after another. His final victim was himself. The police uncovered the list that ended in so much bloodshed. They said, “He kept a list of those who did him wrong.”

Hard-Earned Credentials - #2636
The pain you've been through may never make much sense until you see Jesus and He shows you the grand design. But until then, offer that pain to Him as credentials, to make a difference for Him to other wounded people. Remember, your wounds are your credentials.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - The End of Your Journey - #8255 | Radio Program | A Life That Matters
Not long ago, we had occasion to pass through Albuquerque, New Mexico. And I was reminded of a dear Native American friend, who is up in years and battling some physical problems. He told me that he views this part of his life as he does driving to Albuquerque. See, there’s this long climb to get to the top of this steep hill, and then suddenly, there it is: the beautiful lights of the city that you’ve wanted to get to.

Mess Prevention - #5796
In 2 Chronicles 18:4 , King Jehoshaphat gave King Ahab this advice before he went running off into battle: "First, seek the counsel of the Lord." King Ahab didn't, and he died in that battle. You can avoid a lot of problems and a lot of pain if you'll instinctively check with heaven first. Call before you dig.