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Why does God allow suffering?
Yesterday we looked at the old and important question of the existence of God. But there's one...

Today's devotional: Life-saving pain
When disaster strikes our lives, it's natural for Christians to pray for relief from it—we...

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Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Pain of a Fracture - #5402
Our son would be the first to tell you how much a fracture in your body hurts. That is pain that the Son of God understands all too well. He describes all of us who belong to Him as His "body" on earth. And when there's a break in His body, He feels the pain.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Haunted By the Roles We Play - #8037
You know, some have played the role of a joker, concealing the hurt, a broken heart, the saint maybe, of covering up dark secrets that are anything but saintly. Or maybe you’ve played the user of people, or maybe you’ve been the volcano whose left lasting damage from your blowups, or the unfaithful who’s violated your marriage covenant. It’s hard to live a life that matters when you’re haunted by the roles you’ve played; there’s just too much baggage.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Hero School - #5607
In fact, nothing increases your strength and your character like the wilderness does. That's why the launching pad for Jesus' public ministry was 40 days in the wilderness - the training for Moses' powerful leadership of God's people was 40 years in the wilderness - and maybe why you are serving your time in the wilderness, right now.

Rewriting Your Emotional Script: Becky Harling
Rewriting Your Emotional Script Erase Old Messages, Embrace New Attitudes Get a Beatitude Adjustment Women with troubled pasts are often poor in spirit and mourning.

How can a good God allow evil and suffering? - Faith Facts
Actually, Christianity is the only religion or worldview that has an answer to evil and suffering. Eastern religions ignore evil; Darwinism and Communism rely on it; and Islam has a superficial view of it. Only Christianity provides an answer. Read more....

Don't Lose Heart
Is there a problem or hardship in your life? Nancy shares truths from God's Word that will encourage you to keep going and not lose heart.

What to Do When Life Hurts
When someone hurts us, our first reaction is to hurt them back. In this series from the book of 1 Peter, find out how you can make it through the painful circumstances of life and how having God's Word ingrained in your heart makes all the difference.

Storm Shelter: Finding Safety and Strength in God's Arms
Perhaps you've had the feeling that your life took a wrong turn. You thoughts you had understood God's plan for your life, and then the problems came. Whether you're struggling with a difficult situation or just looking for assurance that God is in control, you'll find help and hope.

Under His Wings
Join Nancy as she reminds us that the storms of life can press us closer to God.

Finding God In The Desert
Learn how God can use the desert experiences to build endurance in your life.