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Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
An international ministry of apologetics and evangelism—answering skeptics' questions about Christianity and helping Christians better understand their own beliefs.

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Today's devotional: the turtle on the fence post
Have you heard of the "turtle on a fencepost" saying? It goes like this: if you're walking along...

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The Parable of Parable - why story communicates the Christian gospel effectively
Once upon a time, Truth went about the streets as naked as the day he was born. As a result, no-one would let him into their homes. Whenever people caught sight of him, they turned away and fled. One day when Truth was sadly wandering about, he came upon Parable. Now, Parable was dressed in splendid clothes of beautiful colors. And Parable, seeing Truth, said, “Tell me, neighbor, what makes you look so sad?”

Christian redemptive themes in Dr Who and sci-fi fantasy stories
The new Dr Who series with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan is proving at best very watchable, as blogger Paul Mount comments. Last week’s Van Goch episode, guest-written by Emmy/Bafta-winning script-writer Richard Curtis, was particularly moving, and engaged with a number of human issues.

Good Samaritan in the Bible: Luke 10:25-37
Who is really doing God's will: a religious person who has the entire Bible memorized, or an outcast who shows selfless love to those around him? In this parable, Jesus teaches that simply knowing God's Law isn't worth anything if we don't put it into action in our lives.

Someone Else's Fault - #5913
Maybe you've honestly been hurt or wronged, and you can't do anything about the other person taking responsibility for what they've done. But you can accept the responsibility for the way you've handled it, for the wrong things you may have tried to excuse by the wrong things someone else did. Those who have been victims - and those who've been victimizers - never get free until they realize that they are now the victims of their own choices, not someone else's.

Pearl - a Christian perspective
This parable compares the kingdom of God to a priceless pearl. Upon learning of it, wouldn't you pay whatever price is necessary to obtain it?

Rich man - a Christian perspective
In this parable of Jesus, a rich man finds the tables turned when he dies but doesn't find the reward he thought he deserved. Among the things this parable illustrates is man's stubborn refusal to believe even when confronted with obvious truth.

"Parable" in the Bible: Matthew 13:1-58
A collection of Jesus' parables. He often used stories and parables to illustrate important spiritual truths.

Debt in the Bible: Matthew 18:21-35
This parable tells the story of a man whose debt was forgiven by his creditor... who refused to pass that same mercy along to somebody who owned him money. Refusal to forgive others when God has forgiven us amounts to a rejection of God's grace.

Parable of the Sower in the Bible: Matthew 13:1-23
This parable of Jesus uses the metaphor of a sower spreading seeds as a way of illustrating that people respond in different ways to the message of the Gospel. Some hear and take it to heart; others reject it; but the "sower" continues to make the message available to all.

Russian The Farmer and the Seed
Russian: Jesus tells a parable about a farmer and a seed. The farmer scatters seed. Some seed falls on hard ground and birds eat it. Some falls on stony ground, some among thorns and some on good ground. The seed is God's Word. Only a few people hear it and believe.