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True Woman Blog: What's our message, anyway?
Please don’t assume there’s only one way to present the gospel. The room for creativity in the way you present this timeless message is unending


True Woman Blog: Jonah and your next door neighbor
Where is God calling you? Maybe the people you’re called to are nothing like you. Maybe they disturb your peace by playing their music a few decibels too high and a few hours too long. Maybe they’re antagonistic toward your faith. Maybe they have a different skin color. Political party. Income level. Maybe they just let their grass grow too long.


True Woman Blog: Deadlines, to-do lists, and kids
It’s not that I’m a kid-hater, but I tend to think they don’t have much to offer me. See, I like to get things done, and kids don’t know much about (or value) deadlines or to-do lists . . .


True Woman Blog: A surprising beauty regimen
What are some of your favorite beauty regimens? Painting your nails? Coloring your hair? How about choosing—and overflowing—with gratitude?


True Woman Blog: Tis the Season . . . To Focus on Christ
Each Christmas I struggle with how we can make this time more about celebrating Jesus than about presents, decorations, and all the rest of the trappings.


True Woman Blog: Are you ready to get your hands dirty? (ROH’s Monthly Memory Plan)
Scripture memory is just another discipline that helps us bury the Word deep in the soil of our hearts. So, is anyone else ready to get their hands dirty?!


True Woman Blog: 900 years worth of resolutions!
On January 1, I dusted off and opened up my One-Year Bible. On January 5, my eyes grew wide as I read that Adam lived 930 years. (I had forgotten that people used to live so long!) Can you imagine the opportunities for improvement if you were able to make 8 or 900 New Year’s resolutions? I thought to myself.


True Woman Blog: We're Here! Meet the Team.
Then there’s Chiree Bollinger. She’s the master storyteller. She’ll sit down with the women and work magic so that within a couple minutes they’ve all but forgotten that bright lights, cameras, and reflectors in their faces are anything but natural . . .


True Woman Blog: The Predictable Unpredictable-ness of a Video Shoot
We were just a few minutes into the interview when it became apparent that we would not be able to continue. Between the neighbors’ outdoor birthday party (think lots of 6- and 7-year-old girls blowing birthday horns) and their Chihuahua’s persistent yapping (who knew such a little dog could make such a racket!), we knew we would not win the war against the noise.


True Woman Blog: The True Woman Movement Alive and Well in the Dominican Republic
At True Woman '08, the Lord started “tumbling down” everything Cindy believed about life, marriage, and more. In her words, “It’s where God revealed Himself to me. He’s changed my life completely.” He really has!