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True Woman blog: Wrapping things up in the Dominican Republic
Wes Ward, our director of media, left for the US today saying, “I have never seen one place where so much of what we do is used so widely, by so many, so deeply, so regularly.” Everywhere we turn there are more stories of how God is transforming individuals, families—even churches—as a result of the True Woman Conferences and Revive Our Hearts resources.


True Woman Blog: Grace abounds, and we'll work on the lovin'
Yesterday I was reminded that love is so much more than a sentiment. The sort of love and compassion that God requires of us was first personally shown to us on the Cross, and it’s this very love that propels us as we love others practically—even at great personal inconvenience.


True Woman Blog: A 20-Year-Old We Could All Learn From
I had the privilege of "meeting" Laura G De Chavez's only daughter, Sarah, while I was in the Dominican Republic, and I couldn't resist sharing her story with you.


True Woman Blog: A Time for Feasting or Fasting?
Last week, one month after the devastating earthquake, Haitian President Rene Preval took the unprecedented step of canceling this year’s Carnival celebration, calling instead for a national season of fasting and prayer.


True Woman Blog: If it feels so right, how can it be wrong?
The drama continues. Only this time, Eve isn’t the main character—you are. Sin is still seductive. The stakes are still high. The consequences are still devastating. The choice is yours. Will you listen to God’s voice?


True Woman Blog: Why it should be more than scratch paper for your grocery list
Whether you realize it or not, you’re basing your life on some creed or set of beliefs. The way you pick up those toys or respond to those emails or eat reflects what you believe.


True Woman Blog: Isaiah 53: A Shocking Portrait of Christ
Beware. The portrait of Christ in Isaiah 53 can be surprisingly shocking.


True Woman Blog: Planting Hope
One late autumn day last year, when my world had caved around me, my friend Maggie gave me a priceless gift.


True Woman Blog: The Spoiled Birthday Brat Syndrome
I look forward to my birthday the way most girls look forward to their wedding day . . .


True Woman Blog: Three cubicles, four bosses, five lessons
Five years ago, this cocky, over-eager college graduate arrived thinking I would help Revive Our Hearts minister to women. Ha! Turns out I was the one who was mentored and helped by this ministry.