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True Woman Blog: Leading you to the oasis of God’s Word
Here at Revive Our Hearts, we think that anything to get you memorizing God’s Word is a good thing.


True Woman Blog: What's her secret?
My boss loves to go home for lunch so he can spend time with his family. He talks to his wife, Carrie, several times a day over IM and the phone, and even brings his kids to work about once a week.


True Woman Blog: Parenting in light of God’s grace to you
Sarah Newell is a young mom who recently realized that her method of discipline was putting her two-year-old daughter under guilt. Lots has changed, and Sarah now considers discipline a joy!


True Woman Blog: Confidently Humble
I used to think humility looked something like this: deflecting compliments, staying away from high-profile positions, even talking down on oneself occasionally. But then Moses changed my mind.


True Woman Blog: A Willingness to Bend
While listening to Nancy and Mary talk, I continued pondering how well the movie The Incredibles illustrates several points made by speakers in the True Woman Movement.


True Woman Blog: No longer just a “guy’s struggle”
You know it’s a struggle for guys—even Christian guys—but Christian women?


True Woman Blog: In the Throne Room
The four creatures who surround God’s throne, they look at each other incredulously for a few seconds and then whisper, “Is that ALL she’s going to ask?!”


True Woman Blog: That Smell Is Making Me HUNGRY!
Last night I left four pounds of chuck roast simmering in the crockpot for ten hours. When I woke this morning, a most amazing smell had wafted around the kitchen corner, up the stairs, under my door . . . and permeated just about every square inch of the house.