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Persecuted - a Christian perspective
There's no question that Christians will face resistance for their faith; this passage bluntly states that Christians will be persecuted for their beliefs, and that evil will increase. Christians are called to be faithful nonetheless.

We are spiritual priests. We do not offer up animals and fruits unto the Lord. We offer worship out of a pure heart unto the Lord.

Greg Gordon : Broken And Bruised Yet Not Beaten!
John Cennick was punched in the nose, beaten until his shoulders were black and blue, dunked in a dirty pond, sprayed with ditch water and blackened with musket smoke when he preached. Hecklers tried to drown his voice by beating drums and pans. Or they set dogs barking by swinging...

Music & worship podcast to Iranian Christians via iTunes and FarsiPraise website
FarsiPraise podcast is to encourage, empower and raise a new generation of worshipers. Most of the audience are Muslim background believers who live in persecuted nations, or scattered around the globe. Music for worship, interviews, trainings can be found as podcasts.