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Peter Is Miraculously Delivered from Prison
Account of Peter who miraculously escaped prison. From Captive Faith, a production of Christian History Institute.

Peter LifeGuide Bible Study
Simon Peter was a follower like us--he wanted to be like Jesus, but he struggled with doubts and fears. At times he failed miserably. At other times he was used powerfully by God. This Bible study on the great apostle's life challenges and motivates us to continue to grow in Christlikeness.

Jeus walks on water - a Christian perspective
Can you imagine what it would be like to see Jesus walking on water? Maybe it's not hard in this age of special effects, but back when Jesus walked on water the disciples had good reason to be fearful: they had never seen anything like it before.

Denial - a Christian perspective
Peter was Jesus' most faithful disciple--but even he denied Jesus when Jesus was arrested and put on trial. Jesus later forgave him, but this passage remains a heartbreaking story.

Cephas in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Andrew brought his brother, Simon, to Jesus to join him. Jesus renamed Simon, Cephas (or Peter), which means Rock.

Hades in the Bible: Matthew 16:18
Not even hell itself can stand against the church of Christ. Death and hell have nothing with which to threaten a follower of Christ.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - Big Time Fishing - #8278 | Radio Program | A Life That Matters
When it came time for our family vacations when I was a kid, one person had the deciding vote for where we’d go–my Dad. He did the work; he picked the vacation, which meant we would go fishing. I thought it was boring—my Dad thought it was great. Listen, he would have gotten along great with a guy named Simon Peter. Yes, he was one of Jesus’ disciples, but he never stopped fishing.

Reach in the Bible - a Christian perspective
When Peter's faith starts to waver, he cries out for help--and Jesus immediately reaches out to save him. In the same way, Jesus responds to our prayers and pleas for help by reaching out to us.

Peter in the Bible: John 21:15-19
Bible had infamously denied Jesus in the darkest hours of Jesus' life, but here is the moving account of Christ's reinstatement of Peter. If Peter found forgiveness, and even a place of honor as a disciple, after denying Christ, then Christ's forgiveness truly is open to all!

Prevail in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Nothing can stand against an endeavor that is supported by God and built on His teachings. Jesus predicts that not even hell itself will prevail against (overcome) His church.