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Today's Devotional: Power and Praise
God deserves our fear. After all, He is the Prime Mover of the Universe. In Him alone is the...

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Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Slow Down for Construction - #4630
You could sit there and mutter and pound on the steering wheel, or you could realize why God is doing this. He knows you need quiet waters right now. You need green pastures. Your soul needs some restoring. You're tired, inside-outside. Don't fight it. This is His love in action. He knows you couldn't keep running at that pace. Maybe you were running over people, or past them, or neglecting the people closest to you. Maybe you've begun to think that your work is your worth, and He's been crowded to the edge of your life. Whatever kind of construction He wants to do is probably overdue, and God could never refocus you while you're running at full speed.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - When Daddy's on Deck - #4641
Will the company decide it? Will the economy decide it? Is this disease going to have the final word? Your mate? Your feelings? Or is everything in this situation totally under the authority of your Savior, Jesus Christ? Yes or no. If it is, and you make that your bottom line, the panic is over.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - When the Eagle Can't Fly - #4651
If we can grasp how it is that an eagle in crash mode renews his strength, we'll understand how we can renew ours - and then "soar on wings like eagles." Just picture that usually strong eagle, sprawled out powerlessly, eyes focused on the sun, and his body and spirit soaking up its strength. He totally gives up in order to gain strength. The law of God's renewing work is simple - you have to surrender to get strong.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Taking it to the Boss - #4206
Authority is really the decisive factor in getting anything done - putting it in the hands of the person who is in charge. Now that is a fundamental secret of getting things done when you pray! Those who understand that mountain-moving faith is about realizing Who's in charge are people who pray with power and who get results.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Kidney Factor - #4672
It won't ultimately be your burdens that sink you, it will be your self-pity, or depression, or your bitterness, your anger, your fear. Jesus at your side can replace all that with His forgiving grace, His enabling strength, and His protecting power.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Settling for So Little - #4617
How often has God been ready to give us a bigger answer than we've ever seen, and we miss it because we've only got this "eight-inch pan?" It's time to blow the lid off your prayers by trusting your God - within the perimeters of His perfect will - for something only God could do!

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Disproportionate Power - #4707
Let's say you're a battlefield reporter. On one side you have a force of a thousand people. On the other side, one little guy. Who's going to win this? If the Lord God is fighting for that one guy, you will see the thousand running for their lives. That is disproportionate power. A biblical principal that opens up otherwise unthinkable possibilities for you, your family, for your ministry, for your church.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Sweet and Sour Strategy - #4247
When it comes to eating, sweet and sour can be great together. When it comes to the business of leading and shaping peoples' lives, it's that combination that can lead to some very positive results. It takes some sweet and it takes some sour to change people.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Accidentally on Purpose - #4278
The only way most people meet the folks at the auto body shop is by accident. No accident, you don't ever feel the need. I got to thinking that God could hang out a sign like that - "We meet by accident." An "accident" - well, something in our life that goes wrong and we can't fix it. That, for many of us, is the only thing that really makes us ready to get serious about what God wants. We don't run to God until we've run into something!

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Sharp Edges - #4774
Maybe you get sharp and hurtful when you're tired, or when you're interrupted, or when something or someone messes up the way you had it planned. It could be that you become cutting and harsh when you're really stressed, or really frustrated, or when you don't get your way. I know where my buttons are that bring out my worst. I suspect you know where yours are, too. But for the sake of those we love, isn't it time we finally did something about the sharp edges that keep cutting them?