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Before the foundation - a Christian perspective
God chose us and had plans for us even before the world was created. We can take comfort that God values each of us so much that we've been on His mind since before He created the world.


Predestined in the Bible: Romans 8:29
This verse suggests that God not only knows how the future will uphold, but that He actively chooses people to be His servants. This is one of several verses from which the doctrine of predestination is drawn.


God's design - a Christian perspective
This passage teaches that God has a definite plan in mind, both for His kingdom and for our lives. He chooses each of us to play a part in His grand design.


Foreknew - a Christian perspective
This passage is interpreted by many as describing God's act of predestination--of choosing His children to follow Him even before they're aware of it.


Predestination - a Christian perspective
The doctrine of predestination is based on verses such as this one, in which Jesus declares that he has specifically chosen the ones who will follow him.


Set apart - a Christian perspective
The apostle Paul writes of being "set apart" by God for a special purpose when he was a child. The implication is that God has a plan for us from the very beginning of our lives, and that He calls each of us to a specific purpose.


Romans 8: 18 - 30 - Into Thy Word Ministries
Hope and guidance! Even in the mist of dire circumstances as with Paul in II Cor 11: 23-29 we can have hope beyond hope.


A dialogue between a predestinarian and his friend ~ Wesley
1. I AM informed, some of you have said, that the following quotations are false; that these words were not spoken by these authors; others, that they were not spoken in this sense; and others, that neither you yourself, nor any true Predestinarian, ever did, or ever would, speak so. 2. My friends,


A.W. Pink : Chosen to Salvation
There are three things here which deserve special attention. First, the fact that we are expressly told that God's elect are "chosen to salvation": Language could not be more explicit. How summarily do these words dispose of the sophistries and equivocations of all who would make election refer...