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When the Party Turns to Pig Slop - #6568
The homing instinct in the human heart knows where to go when everything else has failed. You go to the person who never stopped loving you.


The Answer in the Mirror - #6522
Every counselor's first job is to get a person to take the responsibility for their own situation. Whether you're a parent, or a son, or a daughter, or a worker, or a boss, I trust that you will begin to say, "Lord, begin with me."


A Rescue Mission - #6484
God often uses the wandering of loved ones to actually make us re-examine our own lives. And the good news, if you're willing to mobilize all your resources, well, listen to what happened here. It says, "Abram recovered all the goods and brought back his relative." Fight for that loved one of yours with everything you've got, and God will bring them home.


Lost son - a Christian perspective
The parable of the lost son--or prodigal son--is a well known picture of the kind of lives we all lead. It details a son who fled from the good things in life into a life of sin, his downfall and his eventual return to his old life a broken and lost son. His father welcomes him home with open arms and a glad heart.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Rewinding Your Fall - #4023
Our grandson is definitely a child of the VCR Age – when he has a bad fall, he wants to rewind to before the fall. Well, so do some of us. We’ve had some falls – spiritually, morally – and we wish we could rewind and do it over. Obviously, we can’t. But, in a way, God does offer us an opportunity to rewind our falls to get back to where we were before we fell.


D.L. Moody : A Bad Boy
I once heard of a father who had a prodigal boy, and the boy had sent his mother down to the grave with a broken heart. One evening the boy started out as usual to spend the night in drinking and gambling, and his old father, as he was leaving, said, "My son, I want to ask a favor of you to-night...