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Getting to know the not-so-minor "minor prophets"
What springs to mind when you think of Old Testament prophets? Famous names like Samuel,...

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Prophets - a Christian perspective
God employed many different prophets throughout the Old Testament to teach and rebuke His people. Here, the prophet Micaiah reveals to king Ahab that God has decreed disaster for him, and that Ahab's court prophets were deceived in preaching otherwise.

C.H. Spurgeon : A Basket of Summer Fruit
N READING THROUGH THE PROPHETICAL BOOKS, you must have been struck at their singular variety. On looking a little more closely, you have at once perceived that every prophet has a manner and style peculiarly his own. Although God speaketh through them all, yet they lose not...

Men Who Speak For God?
Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel... who are these prophets - these men who spoke for God? And is it possible that the message they spoke over 2,000 years ago can have any relevance for us today?

MinorProphets_chart.gif (GIF Image, 1028x1387 pixels)
A chart of where the Minor Prophets of the Old Testament were sent. From Uplook Ministries