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Have you ever taken a sabbatical?
Have you ever taken time off or your usual job or career to take a "sabbatical"?


What’s your favorite C.S. Lewis book?
What's your favorite C.S. Lewis book? Is it one of his Narnia classics, or a work that has so far passed under the radar of mainstream notice?


How Important are Friendships to You?
How important are friendships to you? Would you ever make a covenant like David and Jonathan?


Can you be an “ex-Christian”?
When you hear somebody describe themselves as an “ex-Christian” or “former Christian,” what’s your reaction?


Why should we trust the Bible?
The Bible makes some very specific claims about truth and the meaning of life—so it’s clearly important to ask whether or not we can trust what the Bible says about these things. How would you answer that question?


What’s your favorite devotional?
Do you have a favorite devotional? It might be a classic of Christian literature or a fresh-from-the-printer modern work, but many Christians have a favorite devotional that they turn to each day to complement their prayer and Bible reading.


Do you participate in Halloween festivities?
Every October 31st, Halloween rolls around with all of its perceived positives and negatives. For some, whether or not to participate isn’t even a point of discussion. For others, it’s a question they wrestle with every year. What do you think?


Should Christians work alongside other religions toward common goals?
If Christianity, Islam, and many other religions call for their followers to help the poor or do good works within society, does it make sense for Christians to team up with followers of other religions to perform those good works? Is it possible (or a good idea) to jointly pursue such common purposes even if you have very different theological goals?


How do you distinguish between godly anger and sinful anger?
How do we make sense of the powerful emotion of anger in our lives? How do you tell the difference between anger that is godly, and anger that is sinful and destructive?


Does Your Church Provide a Halloween Alternative?
Whether it’s a harvest festival, or a fall carnival, or a Haunted House-esque Judgement House, or something else entirely, many churches are making alternative Halloween activities available to their communities.