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Increasingly, the debate over science and religion--specifically when it concerns origins--has...

Questions Answered by AiG
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As Andy wrote yesterday, sometimes doubt is a natural part of our Christian—and...

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How do you do your personal Bible study? - The Blog
There are many different approaches to studying the Bible. Some people follow rigid reading plans; others skip around. Some people find methodologies like inductive and topical Bible studies helpful. In the past, I’ve used books that steadily and purposefully walked me through a passage; but when left to my own devices I tend to slowly read through one book at a time. I might not move on from a particular chapter for a few days or even weeks. What about you? How do you do your personal Bible Study?

Should Christians buy health insurance?
Is health insurance (or any insurance for that matter) a Biblical concept? What about alternate approaches, like "sharing" programs? Would you ever drop your health insurance and participate in a sharing program?

Have you ever taken a sabbatical?
Have you ever taken time off or your usual job or career to take a "sabbatical"?

What’s your favorite C.S. Lewis book?
What's your favorite C.S. Lewis book? Is it one of his Narnia classics, or a work that has so far passed under the radar of mainstream notice?

How Important are Friendships to You?
How important are friendships to you? Would you ever make a covenant like David and Jonathan?

How Often Should Christians Celebrate Communion? - The Blog
I’ve been in churches that do it every week and others almost never. They all have their reasons, but there doesn’t seem to be a consensus on how often we should celebrate the Lord’s supper. How often do you think Christians should celebrate communion? Share your thoughts!

Is there such a thing as a “righteous lie”?
Is it a always a sin to lie? Is there ever a time when it’s OK to commit a “lesser” sin—perhaps to avoid what you perceive as a much more serious sin?

Would you submit to moral, but non-biblical, lifestyle restrictions in your job?
Would you take a job with an employer that imposed non-biblical restrictions on your personal behavior? Is a restriction like this an instance of humans adding pointless laws to the gospel of grace?

Does Belief in God Necessitate Belief in Demons? - The Blog
What role do you think demonic forces play in our world? Do you believe that Satan has a hand in everything, is mainly an impotent being, or doesn’t even exist?

Is Church Attendance Required to Call Yourself a Christian?
Let’s say a person became a Christian some time ago and just never got around to finding a church. They read still read their Bible and pray, but they’re not a member or even an active “visitor” of any organized body of Christ. Are they still a Christian?