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Katie Luther Quote | Christian History Institute
Katie Luther's last recorded words in their context, the forty-first in Christian History Institute's In Context series of notable quotations from Christian history.


Anne Askew | Christian History Institute
Anne Askew stands for Christ although it means being burned to death. This is another of the In Context quotations series from Christian History Institute.


Zwingli's Reformation | Christian History Institute
Ulrich Zwingli promotes 67 articles of faith before the Zurich town council, advocating Reformation, another quote in the In Context series of great quotations.


Here I Stand | Christian History Institute
A look at Martin Luther's famous words at the Council of Worms, which may not even have been spoken.


Kempis, Thomas á (ca. 1380-1471) | Christian History Institute
Thomas á Kempis wrote a famous devotional work on following Christ from which we could have extracted any number of excellent quotes. His statement is one of Christian History Institute's series of notable Christian sayings In Context.


Hus, Jan (ca. 1369 – 1415) : Christian History Institute
Jan Hus writes from exile to assure his followers truth will prevail. This is the 33rd in Christian History Institute's In Context series.


Anselm (1033-1109) : Christian History Institute
In the 25th of its series "In Context" Christian History Institute looks at a famous statement by the philosopher/theologian Anselm.


Franks at Clermont (1095) : Christian History Institute
In the 26th of Christian History Institute's "In Context" series we look at Pope Urban II's call to a crusade and the response of the Frankish knights in attendance.


Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153). : Christian History Institute
The 27th of Christian History Institute's "In Context" series looks at words of Bernard of Clairvaux endorsing the Crusades.


Francis of Assisi (1181-1226) : Christian History Institute
The 28th in Christian History Institute's "In Context" series looks at Francis of Assisi's great hymn on creation.