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The Only Way to Land Safely - #6147
That cross isn't just history or religion. It's personal. It's deeply personal. It represents the total sacrifice of Jesus on your behalf. And it is the place where you can leave every wrong thing you've ever done and have it completely forgiven by God; erased from God's records so you'll never meet those sins on Judgment Day.


The Price to Go Free - #6005
When Jesus was going through that awful agony of the cross, He was literally paying for everything you've ever done against God. For you to pay for your sins would take an eternity in hell. But the Son of God was paying your price, going through your hell for you, and He sacrificed His life on the cross. He was literally taking your place and mine!


To serve - a Christian perspective
Jesus didn't come to rule over or oppress men, like a human ruler would do. Rather, he came to serve us.


The Price to Go Free - #5750
You don't have to be in stained glass windows. You don't have to be in a church. God is right there waiting. He's been waiting a long time to hear you say, "Jesus, I'm Yours." He's alive today because He walked out of His grave after He died for you.


Ransom - a Christian perspective
One way to understand Christ's death and resurrection is as a ransom--a price paid in order to free us from sin, which was holding us captive.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Price To Go Free - #4089
Ransom unpaid, you pay the penalty. Ransom paid, you go free. The ransom made the difference. That's true, not only in the history of those Civil War communities - it's true in our own personal histories. You and I face a terrible penalty - and the ransom makes all the difference. Not just for now, but for eternity.