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Revival and Revolution | Christian History Institute
John Wesley in context of his times. From Christian History magazine.


John Wycliffe and the Dawn of the Reformation | Christian History Institute
John Wycliffe's thinking helped usher in reformation. From Christian History magazine.


Zwingli and Luther: The Giant vs. Hercules | Christian History Institute
The Colloquy at Marburg was called in hopes of reconciling the two centers of the German Reformation—Zurich and Wittenburg, but conflict over the Lord’s Supper split their common cause. From Christian History magazine.


A Fire That Spread Anabaptist Beginnings | Christian History Institute
The origin and spread of the anabaptist reformation movement. From Christian History magazine.


Life & Thought of Caspar Schwenckfeld von Ossig | Christian History Institute
A little-known reformer, Schwenckfeld’s original Christology emphasized the glorified being of Christ. From Christian History magazine.


The Accidental Revolutionary | Christian History Institute
In his quest for spiritual peace, Luther had no idea he’d leave his world in turmoil. From Christian History magazine.


After the Revolution | Christian History Institute
Martin Luther's later years. From Christian History magazine.


Preacher of Revolution | Christian History Institute
John Knox provoked rulers, incited riots, and inspired a reformation in Scotland. From Christian History magazine.


Courage When It Counted | Christian History Institute
Thomas Cranmer was the most cautious, even indecisive, of reformers—until his final hour. From Christian History magazine.


To Build a Fire | Christian History Institute
Jan Hus hoped his incendiary preaching and heated rebukes would purify a tainted church, but the flames consumed him first. From Christian History magazine