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Find inspiration and revival with evangelist Luis Palau as he proclaims the Gospel, mobilizes the church, and equips the next generation with his message of Hope.

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Recompense - a Christian perspective
Christians are cautioned to avoid seeking revenge, even when they have a legitimate grievance against someone. We can trust God to administer whatever justice He finds appropriate in His own good time; that's not our job.

Turn the other cheek - a Christian perspective
Many of Jesus' teachings contradict our basic human impulses--in particular, this command to forgo revenge and to lovingly submit to those who attack us.

Avenge in the Bible - a Christian perspective
In Deuteronomy, God says that it is His to avenge. It is only a matter of time before He brings his revenge and doom befalls those that have sinned against Him.

Vindicate in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Christians are instructed not to exact revenge for wrongs committed against them. But we can ask God to vindicate us in His own good time, as the psalmist does here. Don't waste time plotting revenge against your enemies--let God work things out when He sees fit.

Burning in the Bible - a Christian perspective
What's the best way to "heap burning coals" on somebody who has hurt you? By treating them with love, grace, and forgiveness, rather than by repaying them in kind. This is just one of many teachings of Jesus that challenge us to completely rethink how we relate to those who are our "enemies."

Revenge in the Bible: Romans 12:19
It is not our place to take revenge against those who offend or wrong us. Just as we are to leaving the act of judgment to God, we are also to leave it to God to redress wrongs.

Vengeance is mine - a Christian perspective
It is not our place to judge and exact revenge on others in return for wrongs they've committed against us. We are to trust that God will bring about His justice in the end; that's not our job.

"Eye for an eye" in the Bible: Matthew 5:38-39
Jesus' teachings challenged people to think anew about many of the old laws and traditions they followed. Here, he tells people that instead of demanding an "eye for an eye" when they are wronged, they ought to love and forgive their tormentor instead.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Never Playing Defense - #5043
Maybe you sometimes find yourself under pressure and attack, and you're treated badly. Everything in your human nature says, "Strike back. Give them their own medicine." But Jesus calls us to follow Him in His steps, which means no retaliation. Don't strike back; not because you are a weak wimp, but because you are strong in Christ. You don't have to retaliate.

Forgive and Forget
My friend, has anyone ever offended you? Has your spouse been unfaithful? Have your children disappointed you? Has someone cheated you in business? How we respond to the difficult experiences of life directly affects our spiritual well-being.