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Think spiritual revival can’t happen? Think again!
Have you ever looked around, taken stock of the spiritual apathy and confusion in our culture,...

Life Action Revival Ministries
"The nature of revival is that it deals with things below the surface. It goes to the root...

Sermons on Revival
Sometimes all it takes is an impassioned speaker to move us on into action. Thankfully many of...

Sparking revival in tomorrow's church leaders
The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow—so the saying goes, and it's as true for the...

Luis Palau—bringing a message of evangelism and revival to the world
Are you familiar with the ministry of Luis Palau? Palau, an evangelist whose ministry has...

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Fasting, Prayer, and Revival
Spiritual breakthrough! To learn more about fasting or find a guide to help you through the discipline of fasting, discover the keys to revival, determine how to build a "house of prayer," find help for how to pray when you don't know what to say, and more, look at these resources. audio sermons: DISCUSSION FORUMS
Participate in over 19,000 discussion topics on all areas of christian life. The primary focus of the forums is revival and revival history discussions. audio sermons: THE OLD PATHS MAGAZINE: Archive
The Old Paths Magazine is a free monthly periodical that is made available for the entire body of Christ. The main focus of the periodical is to propagate and promote the message of genuine biblical revival to this generation. This chief aim is expressed through many voices from Christian history. C audio sermons: ARTICLES BY GREG GORDON: Archive
Published articles by Greg Gordon on renewal and revival. Featured in 3 magazines and all articles can be freely downloaded and shared with others in the pdf format.