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Think spiritual revival can’t happen? Think again!
Have you ever looked around, taken stock of the spiritual apathy and confusion in our culture,...

Life Action Revival Ministries
"The nature of revival is that it deals with things below the surface. It goes to the root...

Sermons on Revival
Sometimes all it takes is an impassioned speaker to move us on into action. Thankfully many of...

Sparking revival in tomorrow's church leaders
The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow—so the saying goes, and it's as true for the...

Luis Palau—bringing a message of evangelism and revival to the world
Are you familiar with the ministry of Luis Palau? Palau, an evangelist whose ministry has...

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Lausanne World Pulse - Prayer and Revival
When we look at the history of revival there is one common denominator: there was some person or some group of people praying and agonizing to birth the revival.

Lausanne World Pulse - Seeking God for Revival: South Africa and Beyond
A look at revival and spiritual awakening both in South Africa and around the world.

Cry of the Captives
Do you long for a fresh work of God in your life? In your home? In your church? Join Nancy as she explores a key Old Testament revival prayer. You'll also hear from Byron Paulus, Executive Direction of Life Action Revival Ministries.

Honesty: Silence Is Not Always Golden
Few things are as destructive as hiding sin from others. The Bible records many hardships that resulted from people who tried to cover up their sins. Since it is within our nature to put on a good front, being honest can be difficult. Nancy gives a good reminder of the importance of honesty.

Revival--Who Needs It?
Revival is essential for spiritual growth. Only by seeking God passionately can we experience everything the Christian life offers.

1904 Welsh Revival
Can you imagine a whole city shutting down for two hours a day for prayer? It’s happened before—and it could happen again! You won’t want to miss this series, as Nancy and Welsh pastor Kevin Adams, along with other experts, present a historical documentary about the great Welsh revival of 1904.

A Time for Tears: Jeremiah Speaks Today
In this contemporary message from an ancient prophet, Nancy explains that we are living in desperate times, and challenges believers to respond in repentance and earnest prayer.

When God Comes Down: An Eyewitness Account of Revival
Hear the compelling testimony of Mary Peckham as she shares what happens when the presence of God visits a community.

When Revival Comes
Hear dramatic accounts of how God has intervened in some of the darkest moments of history to call people into the Kingdom.

Seeking Him--Revival: Who Needs It?
If you lost your purse in a busy mall, you would search everywhere for it. Your relationship with God is far more valuable than your purse. Are you seeking Him with intensity? Discover the joys and benefits of seeking God out of desperation, in the series Seeking Him—Revival: Who Needs It?