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Today's devotional: the real reason we do good deeds
Why do you do good deeds? There are many answers to that question: "Because it helps my...

Today's Devotional: Deserving of Rescue
What if a lifeguard let someone drown because they jumped into the deep end before they knew how...

Today's Devotional: What Should be Our Priorities?
How much time do you spend worrying about clothes, food and other necessities of life? In...

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A Robe of Righteousness
You were all clothed with Christ. — Galatians 3:27 We eat our share of forbidden fruit. We say what we shouldn’t say. Go where we shouldn’t go. Pluck fruit from trees we shouldn’t touch. And when we do, the door opens, and the shame tumbles in. And we hide. We sew fig leaves… We cover ourselves […]

What God Gives Bonuses For - #5811
We can't earn our relationship with God. Heaven is based on us trusting completely in the work that Jesus did on the cross. But God's rewards in heaven, but also here on earth, are based on how we live. And He's got His eye on you. He has some wonderful life-bonuses He wants to give you. But He's a holy God. He can only reward holiness.

Unnecessary Running - #5714
The difference between personal peace and personal turmoil is an issue of priorities. Which kingdom are you putting first? If what matters to God, like your time with Him, your service for Him, the condition of your relationships; if those things have been shoved to the margins by other less eternal pursuits, then you're trapped in a race that knows no peace.

Afflictions - a Christian perspective
The psalmist writes that the righteous will face many afflictions. Even so, God will deliver them from all of those afflictions.

Righteous in the Bible: Romans 3:1-31
Righteousness through faith is one of the core teachings of Christianity. This passage explains the relationship between righteousness and the law, and shows that it is not the law which produces righteousness, but faith in Jesus Christ.

Righteousness in the Bible: 2 Corinthians 5:20-21
Christians aren't just slaves or servants of God; this passage claims that believers are actually ambassadors of Christ to the world. Because Christ died for us, we gain access to true righteousness, and are able to represent Christ here on earth.

CQOD—Pascal: two kinds of men
Blaise Pascal distinguishes the righteous from sinners

2 Peter 1: 1-4 - Into Thy Word Ministries
His Divine Power is Given! Peter sends his greetings and blessings with solemn humbleness and intimacy to the people in the faith.

Romans 9:30-10:4 - Into Thy Word Ministries
Oops. They did it again! The Jews messed up their call, they rejected their Lord, and they did not see the good news God had for them.

Romans 7: 7- 25 - Into Thy Word Ministries
One of the Big Christian questions is answered in this verse; does the law and the O.T. still apply to me? The answer is a yes and no...