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Heroic Ambassador
We can't let the spinning gerbil wheel of an overstuffed life ever make us forget who we are - we're on assignment from Heaven. To help people go there.


Within My Reach - #6519
We can't just wait for that "professional rescuer" or "someone who has the gift of evangelism" to attempt the rescue. The rescue responsibility rests with the believer who is there. There's nothing random about where we work or where we live or recreate or go to school. You've been divinely positioned to be God's designated "lifeguard" for your stretch of beach.


The Deadly Silence - #5958
Pray each day that God will give you natural opportunities to share what you know about Jesus. Ask God to show you how to approach each person, and even ask Him to give you the words to say. He's promised He would. Living a Christlike life in front of them is very important, but it's not enough. They'll never guess Jesus died for them. You'll have to tell them that. You have the message that can save their life. To leave that message undelivered is unthinkable.


Risk in the Bible - a Christian perspective
The early church is encouraged to welcome a fellow believers who has risked his life in the service of God. All Christians should be prepared to risk what they have--their possessions, and even their life--in Christ's service.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - When You Can Dare to Risk - #8127
See, she risks because her coach believes in her. Well, I have a coach like that, and so do you if you belong to Jesus Christ.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Everything You Need For The Trip - #4320
You know, the outfitter makes the difference -- on the river ... in your life. And if you belong to Jesus, you have no one less than the God of the universe as your Outfitter! He knows what's ahead on the river you're navigating. He knows everything you'll need to make it, and He's making sure you have what you need.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Goodbye, Ordinary! - #4244
An ordinary guy who suddenly realizes that he has some extraordinary powers available to him - and who realizes he can't settle for ordinary anymore. Man, is that a picture of any man or woman in whom Jesus Christ lives! That's the Jesus who blew the doors off His grave on Easter morning, who has conquered death, the most powerful force on earth. The force that has stopped every man - except one Man. And the day you gave yourself to Him, He moved into your life to stay - with all His resurrection power.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Amazing View Up Close - #4192
Sadly, there are people - even good church people - who go through their life never realizing the magnitude of the God they belong to. He's nice, but they never see how big He really is. Because they never get close enough to Him to experience His amazingness. Their God is too small - so their life is too small.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Power Of Your Two-Way Trust - #3947
If you belong to Jesus Christ, you have been called to a similar arrangement - doing things you would never otherwise be able to do because of a powerful two-way trust - you trusting God and God trusting you. In a very real way, everything that matters in your life is riding on your Lord. The size and sanity of your life depends on how much you're willing to trust God for - to hold you up when nothing else can, to steer you right when the way is confusing, to provide for you when you can't see where it will come from, and to equip you to do what you feel very inadequate to do. It's supposed to be all about Him,- not all about you.