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Opportunities for Ministry for Women
Pastor John Piper suggests several areas of ministry where God delights to use women to serve Him and His church.


Men and Women: Similarities and Differences
We believe that men and women are equal in value and dignity, but were created with different roles. Wayne Grudem's outline is a great study tool if you want to examine what the Bible has to say about this.


Biblical Portrait of Womanhood
Understand and embrace the distinct purpose God created you for with the help of this booklet by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.


Discovering Biblical Womanhood
Nancy shares some of her favorite letters from listeners in response to "A Vision for Biblical Womanhood" that aired in January and February 2008. Be encouraged by what God is doing in the hearts and lives of women.

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Revive Our Hearts: The Makings of a True Woman
Mary Kassian, Nancy, and a group of women discuss how the feminist movement has affected the church, as well as their own lives. Learn how to replace feminist-influenced attitudes with a biblical view of womanhood.

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When Men Don't Lead: A Look at the Life of Deborah
What are women to do when men are reluctant to lead? The biblical story of Deborah from the Book of Judges gives us a model to follow. You’ll be encouraged by this story of a woman who exerted strong influence in a way that encouraged the men around her to be what God called them to be. This series is sure to spark discussion, as Nancy addresses the modern day feminist movement and calls women to a radically different way of thinking and living.

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Woman's Secret to a Balanced Life: An Interview with Sharon Jaynes
What do you really want out of life? How can you achieve your most important goals with an over-crowded schedule? Nancy welcomes guest Sharon Jaynes as they discuss practical principles from Proverbs 31 that will help you succeed in your many roles as a woman.


Men and Women: Similarities and Differences
Dr. Wayne Grudem explains the beauty of the fact that God made men and women equal, but has given them different roles in the home. This important message provides a biblical framework for responding to those in our culture—and in the evangelical church—who believe there should be no differences.

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Feminine Appeal: An Interview With Carolyn Mahaney
Nancy welcomes Carolyn Mahaney and her three daughters, to explore seven feminine virtues found in Titus 2:3-5. Discover what these verses mean for us as 21st century women.

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Metamorphosis of a Mom: An Interview With Janet Lynn Salomon
Janet Lynn, former champion figure skater, faced a struggle and decided to leave a successful ice skating career to devote herself to her husband and children.

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