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Would you submit to moral, but non-biblical, lifestyle restrictions in your job?
A Christian university here in town recently put an end to a 68-year ban on staff drinking...

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Catching Beats Dodging - #6272
So many human tragedies could have been averted if only a man hadn't put off dealing with problems and not let the sun go down on it. If we're going to be the leaders God has commanded us to be, guys, we've got to turn and face the issues. Discuss our deep feelings and solve problems while they're small enough to solve.

"Love the Lord your God" in the Bible: Matthew 22:36-40
The Old Testament contains many laws and rules, the most famous being the Ten Commandments. But Jesus said that all of those rules boiled down to two things: love God with all your heart, and love your neighbor as yourself. If our adherence to rules or commandments isn't producing these two things, we've missed the entire point.

Rules in the Bible - a Christian perspective
The Christian faith isn't about following a list of rules. On the contrary--anyone who thinks themselves religious just because they follow religious rules and rituals invented by man is missing the point. audio sermons: Some notations regarding "This Forum"
The negative connnotations by defenition and by observation. These are those that are unnaceptable and ought to be self evident. Yet in the course of history spanning some four years now continualy rear up and assert themselves in all manner and form. They are incunclusive and generaly applied.