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Burned in the Bible - a Christian perspective
On God's day of judgment, God will carefully examine what we have done with our lives. God will save all of those who called on Jesus Christ, but believers who have wasted opportunities to serve God will see their flimsy works collapse beneath the weight of God's scrutiny.

"Save" in the Bible: John 3:17
Despite the persistence of humans in sinning against God, He didn't send his son to judge us. Jesus came to the world to save us from our sins, in defiance of all human reason.

Save me in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Joel writes that all who call on the LORD on His day will be saved and delivered.

Redemption in the Bible: Colossians 1:13-14
Redemption is simply the forgiveness of our sins, and restoration to a relationship with God. Through his sacrifice, Jesus redeemed us and brought us into the kingdom of God, rescuing us from the kingdom of sin and darkness.

Enemies of God - a Christian perspective
Before we were saved by Jesus, we weren't just lost--we were actually enemies of God, because all sin and those who practice it are God's enemies. Fortunately, He provides a way to remove our sin and bring us into His family.

Shed blood - a Christian perspective
The shed blood of Jesus lies at the center of the Christian faith. It's through Christ's blood--that is, through his death on the cross--that God offers us salvation from our sins.

Source in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Jesus is the one and only source of salvation for all people. It's through him that our sins are forgiven; there is no other way to be right with God.

The father - a Christian perspective
How do we approach God the Father? Jesus makes it clear: through him, and him alone.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - When Life's a Broken Vending Machine - #8275 | Radio Program | A Life That Matters
I’m working in my hotel room. I want a soft drink to keep me going. I go down the hall to the vending machine and put in the four quarters—nothing happens. The coin return doesn’t work. I have a choice: forget that vending machine or just keep putting more money into it until I get what I’m after. This is not a hard choice. ... I’m Ron Hutchcraft. And ironically, life offers us many “vending machine” choices. I invest myself in something I think will meet my need: a relationship, an accomplishment, a career, even religion or spirituality.

The Price For Freedom - #2863
Ransom - think of a kidnapping situation. The ransom is the price you pay to set someone free. Jesus tells us what our freedom costs - He would have to "give His life." That price was paid as He suffered the unspeakable agony of dying on a cross, absorbing all the guilt and hell of our sins.