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All sin - a Christian perspective
Jesus cleanses us of all the sin that taints us--not just some of it. When Jesus saves us from sin, we are completely and totally redeemed.

Be saved - a Christian perspective
God does not want anyone to be lost to sin; He wants everyone to be saved. All that needs to happen to be saved is to believe in Jesus Christ.

Caught Unprepared - #5825
You can reject Jesus simply by doing nothing. And believing in Him means you've told Him that you are placing your total trust in Him to be your Rescuer from your sin.

Ears to hear in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Paul quotes Isaiah in this passage. He quotes the verses where God tells Isaiah to bring his message to the Israelites that they have closed their hearts to God and no longer have ears to hear. Paul then says that because they don't have ears to hear and are too busy quarreling among themselves to see the truth of Christ that the Gentiles will hear and believe the message of salvation through Christ.

Which List Is Your Name On? - #5746
At the moment you open your heart to Jesus, you have literally in the Bible's words, "crossed over from death to life" (John 5:24). Forever, God will move your name from "lost" to "saved."

Proud - But Lost - #5740
Do you know what God does with us men when we refuse to admit that we're lost without Him? In His love, He brings something into our life that we can't control, and we can't fix. Maybe He's doing that for you right now. He's showing you what's actually been true all along: you're not really in control, no matter how much you thought you were.

The Magnet In That Old Hunk of Wood - #5735
Not Christianity, not rituals, not beliefs, not even the great teachings and miracles of Jesus. It was His cross. See, there really is a magnet in that old hunk of wood; a magnet that draws us to the foot of that cross to see how very much He loves us.

Arm in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Isaiah laments in this verse that no one will help him. He says that he has to use his own arm to make his salvation and that he is sustained by his wrath.

Eternal Life in the Bible: John 3:16
Is it possible to gain eternal life? It is, and the way to do so is spelled out here: believe in Jesus Christ. Belief is not only the key to eternal life, but to a fulfilling new life here on earth as a follower of Jesus.

Shall be saved in the Bible - a Christian perspective
In Romans, Paul writes that all shall be saved by calling on the name of the Lord, both Jew and Gentile.