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Disappointing Investments - #6074
God's offer is simple, "Come to Me and I will give you what all your searching and all your spending has never delivered, and I will give it to you without cost." The reason none of our earth-investments have been able to satisfy the thirst in our heart is because we've been trying to get from them what we were supposed to get from a personal relationship with our Creator - which we have totally missed.


Searching - a Christian perspective
Left on our own, we'll search and search for God's truth but not find it. To find God's truth requires help--from God Himself! Fortunately, He freely offers His salvation to us, with the promise of a relationship with Him.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Key That's Right in Front of You
In a sense, our whole life is a search for a key. We are looking for a key that will answer some of life's bottom line questions like "Why am I here? How can I find love that I won't lose and a relationship that I can totally trust? ... How can I find lasting peace? What happens after I die?" We look a lot of places for answers.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Top of Life's Puzzle Box
Life is often described as being like a puzzle. There are so many pieces—family, friendship, romance, financial, school, work, success, and even failure pieces. You often wonder where you are going in life, who you really are, and what all the pieces of the puzzle mean. ... The solution to the puzzle is found on the top of the puzzle box


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Getting Up Close and Personal - #4215
Even babies seem to know that there's something about touching a person's face that is especially intimate. Psychologists tell us that they're right, and that even in romantic affection, touching the face is one of the most meaningful levels of physical intimacy. It's no wonder babies know to seek our face.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Getting Left to Get Found - #3804
You're probably not a Girl Scout, and you're not stuck out in the woods, but it could be that you have been left...or you're feeling lost. A person you were counting on has bailed out...or maybe even died. Or something that has been one of your life anchors suddenly isn't there any more. You've been left out or left behind or left high and dry. And you're not sure which way home is. Because so much in life is temporary, it's only a matter of time before we all experience the pain of being left or being lost.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Rocky and Rambo Still Fighting - #8015
You know, it does seem like there is this emptiness that follows us in every season of our life. It’s this un-fillable hole in our soul; this like never ending search for what will give us a life that matters.