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Greg Gordon : Evangelism Is Sorely Needed
Evangelism in Webster dictionary is generically defined as: “zealous advocacy of a cause.” Oh that the “cause” of Christ be proclaimed from the roof-tops of the world. James A. Stewart said: “Evangelism is still the life of the Church. Evangelism if the Spirit of Christ...


Greg Gordon : Confessions Of A Proud Church
Do we have a broken heart for the state for the Church? There are so many dangers in a Church age that is content, prosperous, fat, and “having need of nothing!” Christ’s last words to the Church was “repent” in the letters of Revelation because he said “I know thy works.” Christ...


Greg Gordon : Busy, Strong And Without God
In a Church age of frivolity, foolishness and fun there needs to be strong admonitions and warnings against this type of acceptance of Church practice and profession. Never in the history of the Church have so many false concepts crept in unawares beguiling many souls. This is the...


Greg Gordon : Broken And Bruised Yet Not Beaten!
John Cennick was punched in the nose, beaten until his shoulders were black and blue, dunked in a dirty pond, sprayed with ditch water and blackened with musket smoke when he preached. Hecklers tried to drown his voice by beating drums and pans. Or they set dogs barking by swinging...


Greg Gordon : A Vision Of Hell
Right now if we could put a megaphone into hell we would hear a resounded message “send!”. When a soul realizes that he cannot be freed from such torment his immediate plea is for his family, friends, neibours to be warned of such a place. In Luke 16 we see the story of the Rich man and Lazarus...


Greg Gordon : A Salvation That Does Not Save
In the last days the Apostle Paul declared that there would be a segment of people that would give heed to “seducing spirits and doctrines of devils.” We are living in the reality of this passage of Scripture for there are “doctrines of demons” being preached from many pulpits worldwide...


Greg Gordon : A Quake That Shook England
As an earthquake shakes the earth bringing keen awareness to its activity so our subject George Fox quaked with such force that the england was made aware of this young firebrand in the hand of the Lord. With not man as his teacher but God; he brought messages upon common folk and priests...


Greg Gordon : A New Breed Of Modern Preachers
God is raising up a new breed of preachers in our day. People are sick of modern day soft preaching that does not move our consciences anymore then a worldly movie would. God is going to raise them up, they will not be bred in modern day seminaries or bible colleges...


Greg Gordon : A Different Race of Men
Help, Lord; for the godly man ceaseth; for the faithful fail from among the children of men.” The psalmist penned this startling observation in his day but how true for us as it speaks of our current situation. As another translation states: “have vanished from amongst men...


SermonIndex.net audio sermons: Ten Shekels and a Shirt
I'm sure there are a hundred other threads on this sermon, but I just wanted to say that this sermon helped me change my perspective on salvation.