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Sometimes all it takes is an impassioned speaker to move us on into action. Thankfully many of...

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PRAYER: Prayer Sheet for SermonIndex and Greg Gordon
I am thankful for the prayers of the saints. I truly believe that this ministry is having a impact for the kingdom of God soley because of the prayers of the saints across the world. May I encourage and re-kindle this prayer for this ministry and myself. audio sermons - SermonIndex Support
SermonIndex Support Are you stuck? having problems? post your question here! Also reference to this section for many helpful discussions on how to use features of SermonIndex. audio sermons - Scriptures and Doctrine
Scriptures and Doctrine "Test everything, Hold on to the good." - 1 Thess 5:21. Here you will find discussions on all different scriptures and theological positions. Please discuss with an spirit of edification not dissention or strife. audio sermons - Ministry Articles and Events
Ministry Articles and Events This section contains information related to the SermonIndex ministry itself. There are articles written by the Moderators and announcements for events. Posting a new thread is restricted to Moderators but community members are free to reply to any thread in this section audio sermons: Some notations regarding "This Forum"
The negative connnotations by defenition and by observation. These are those that are unnaceptable and ought to be self evident. Yet in the course of history spanning some four years now continualy rear up and assert themselves in all manner and form. They are incunclusive and generaly applied. audio sermons: THE OLD PATHS MAGAZINE: Archive
The Old Paths Magazine is a free monthly periodical that is made available for the entire body of Christ. The main focus of the periodical is to propagate and promote the message of genuine biblical revival to this generation. This chief aim is expressed through many voices from Christian history. C audio sermons: 4 YEARS OF MINISTRY AT SERMONINDEX.NET
It is has been a night of praying and thinking upon some of the past times in this last four years of the Lord birthing What a joy it has been in running this ministry for the last four years and Oh what great a wonderful things the Lord has done. audio sermons: ABOUT SERMONINDEX: General Information
This page will cover some of the basic vision, core beliefs and information about the ministry. This is being compiled to help as a reference point for those that desire to know more about this ministry and God's dealings with it.