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Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Holy Hunger - #5625
If you've become relatively passive about your pursuit of a higher level of personal holiness, then you're not one of those Jesus described as "hungering and thirsting after righteousness," because hunger makes you stop what you're doing and go after something that will satisfy your appetite. Hunger is active, not passive.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Hanging Up Your Black Robe - #5624
When we have unforgiveness toward someone, we tend to put on our black judge's robe and sit in judgment of them. We sit in judgment of their actions, their motives, of what should happen to them because of what they've done. In our hearts, we pass judgment on their guilt and we decide what kind of penalty they should receive for what they've done. But God's instructions here tell us that there is only one Judge qualified to rule on this case. And it isn't you. It's God, of course.

Seven Traits of a Successful Leader : Jeffrey Arnold
Seven Traits of a Successful Leader. Leaders are born, not made, but those who lead can learn and improve. This group study will help them do that. YOU CAN BECOME A BETTER LEADER.

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Spiritual Gifts
God gave every Christian spiritual gifts for doing the work of the ministry in everyday life and through the church. Identify and exercise your God-given spiritual gifts to receive maximum fulfillment with minimum frustration. Find resources to help you identify, develop, and use your gifts.

Lord, Break Me! -macdonald
The brokenness of spirit which makes no resistance to the Father’s hand is a main element of fertility in souls wherein He works. It is not power He seeks from us, but weakness; not resistant force, but ‘yieldingness’ to Him. All power is His: His strength is perfected in weakness.”

Matthew 26: 1- 16 - Into Thy Word Ministries
The Scheme to Kill Jesus. This passage is about opportunities and whether we use them to serve or to betray! To recognize what we will do with our opportunities in life, we have to ask ourselves, whom, or what do I love? Whom, or what do I trust? Whom, or what do I serve? These are...