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Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - Useful For the Big Jobs - #8289 | Radio Program | A Life That Matters
My friend Rick was driving to work one morning, praying that God would show him and his wife how He wanted to use them. He’s in the building trades and God answered his prayer by placing in his mind the image of a crescent wrench. Now, a crescent wrench is designed to be multi-purpose; you can adjust it for the job that needs to be done, and it has tough gripper jaws that dig in. And God was actually telling my friends that He would use them if they were like that wrench–adjustable, adaptable, but digging in wherever He puts them. It might be something in that wrench for you and me.

The Highest Title On Earth - #2685
When we sacrifice our own comfort, our own needs, our own pride for others, we are remembering who we are. It's easy to forget that - when your life is so full and you become self-focused just to get it all done - or to get your needs met.

Washed feet - a Christian perspective
Jesus himself did not hesitate to stoop down to wash the feet of his followers. If the creator of the universe was willing to wash people's dirty feet as an act of service, we should not hesitate to show the same willingness to humble ourselves in service to others.

Foot washing in the Bible - a Christian perspective
In this memorable scene, Jesus humbles himself in such a way that his disciples felt uncomfortable--Jesus stoops to wash their dirty feet! Jesus' status as their master and teacher did not stop him from behaving with a servant's heart at all times.

Offer - a Christian perspective
Christians are called to offer themselves--the entirety of their lives--to God's service. This precludes us offering our bodies to sin, as we did before Christ redeemed us.

Serve the Lord - a Christian perspective
Christians are not just to serve the Lord; we're to serve the Lord wholeheartedly. Half-hearted service has no place in the Christian life, which should be focused almost entirely around service to God and to others.

Devotional : Loving the Lost
As Christians, we understand in our minds that we need to share the Gospel, but do we feel it in our hearts? This devotional looks at the role our emotions play in allowing us to truly understand God's love for the lost and our role in leading them to Christ.

"The Least of These" in the Bible: Matthew 25:35-41
One of Jesus' most interesting teachings is that our commitment to him can be measured by how we treat other people, especially people who have been rejected by society for one reason or another. If we say we love Jesus but can't be bothered to show love to those in need, how genuine can our love for Jesus really be?

"Serve" in the Bible: Ephesians 6:6-8
Christians are called to service, but it must be service done out of a love for God. Acts of service done to gain praise from others are not what the Lord wants from his followers. Our reward for service comes from God, not from men.

Service in the Bible: Ephesians 6:5-8
This somewhat controversial passage exhorts slaves to their obey their masters as they do Christ. While this has been taken out of context as support for the evil institution of slavery, it seems rather intended to encourage us to persevere in whatever place life has placed us, secure in the knowledge that the work we do for Christ will last long after earthly authorities have passed away.