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Whose Smile You're Working For - #6567
Are you playing for the stands, you playing for the other people on the team, playing for the writers, the publicity? I'll tell you this; ultimately every other audience will prove disappointing and unappreciative. You do it for your family, sometime they'll disappoint you. For your church, for some Christian leader, for your employer, for your teachers? Count on it, sometime they're going to let you down. But the Bible says, "We serve the Lord Christ." And the thrill is taking today's activity and saying, "Lord, I'm doing it all for You."

Being tools for the Master. Our part in God's plan of evangelization.
Guest article by Mathew Varghese, General Secretary of Union of Evangelical Students of India. A reminder that the medium is not the message, and that though the Web is indeed a tool, ultimately, we are the tools the Master uses. © Ethne Magazine, used by permission. Communication is possible in different ways. We use various tools to get the message across. These days, we see the highest advance of media utilization in missions. But the sad reality is that in the fast track of technological know-how, we often tend to forget Jesus' way of communication.

Staying Alive in a Game of "Killer" - #2803
You're spending a lot of time alone - at least emotionally; keeping things bottled up, you're feeling more depressed and isolated, you're farther from people, maybe even getting farther from God. Your heart is turning harder. Do you see what's happening? The devil is poisoning your close relationships to isolate you for the kill. Don't let it happen! Go back; build a bridge back to them; tear down whatever walls have started to develop, swallow your pride, if necessary.

Serving But Starving - #5738
There's a danger of becoming someone who leads others to experience the Lord while you're slowly becoming a spectator yourself. And you can so fill your life with Christian meetings, Christian positions, and Christian activity that it feels like knowing the Lord. But, in fact, those activities have slowly crowded out that precious private time with Jesus. And that time is the fuel for any valid ministry!

Service in the Bible: Ephesians 6:5-8
This somewhat controversial passage exhorts slaves to their obey their masters as they do Christ. While this has been taken out of context as support for the evil institution of slavery, it seems rather intended to encourage us to persevere in whatever place life has placed us, secure in the knowledge that the work we do for Christ will last long after earthly authorities have passed away.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Only Passing It On - #4047
The waitress is right. As much as I appreciate her service, she does not get the credit for the great dinner I'm eating. She's just passing on the good work that someone else did. So are we - as we score our victories, touch some lives, accomplish some good things. We are only serving up what someone else actually has done - what God has done.

Seven Traits of a Successful Leader : Jeffrey Arnold
Seven Traits of a Successful Leader. Leaders are born, not made, but those who lead can learn and improve. This group study will help them do that. YOU CAN BECOME A BETTER LEADER.

Mastering Money : Dudley J. Delffs
Mastering Money. MAKING MONEY MAKE SENSE. Manage their finances God's way.

Storm Warriors: Jon Nappa
Storm Warriors A Novel

Serving in Different Cultures
Our call to service is clear. But our service may look very different, depending on the cultural context of our service. Dave Livermore gives us a window through which we can peek outside of our cultural box and see how service looks in several different cultures.