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Help for leaders from Officers' Christian Fellowship
This week, we're focusing on the topic of leadership. You can find a lot of leadership resources...

What makes small groups worth it?
My last small group ended in a mutual break-up. Everyone's life circumstances were changing, and...

Do large age gaps hurt small groups?
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Running Nowhere in Every Direction: On Stress - The Navigators
This refreshing study encourages women to join together to listen to God speak to them in the midst of life's everyday stresses, so they can stop running nowhere and start walking somewhere with God.

2 Peter : A Life-Changing Encounter with God's Word
2 Peter & Jude False teachings never die; they just get recycled. Learn to spot heresies by studying these short letters. WOLVES IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING

1 Peter: A Life-Changing Encounter with God's Word
1 Peter - We all face trials of various kinds. Peter's advice to first-century Christians can help us, too. Encourage them to face their sufferings with Christlike character.

Colossians and Philemon: A Life-Changing Encounter with God's Word
Colossians and Philemon In this book study, you'll find out what Paul means by "Christ in you, the hope of glory." Secret knowledge beyond the gospel. Then a runaway slave begs Paul to ask his Christian master for mercy.

Galatians: A Life-Changing Encounter with God's Word
Galatians - The Galatians had come to Christ by faith—powerless to win God's favor apart from His saving mercy. Live right with God by faith in Him and by His empowering presence in us.

1 Corinthians: A Life-Changing Encounter with God's Word
1 Corinthians - The Corinthian believers had their problems, and Paul's advice to them is just as relevant to Christians today. LIFE IN CHRIST, PROBLEMS IN THE CHURCH.

Mark: A Life-Changing Encounter with God's Word
Mark - This life-transforming study lets you see Jesus Christ through the eyes of Mark. Mark vigorously defends the claim that Jesus was the true Messiah.

Matthew: Steve Halliday
Matthew A Life-Changing Encounter with God's Word. Get to know Jesus as the promised Messiah through this inductive study of Matthew's Gospel.

Isaiah Learn how the prophet's proclamation of God's judgments and His promises applies to us today. God also comforted the humble with glimpses of a Prince of Peace and a Suffering Servant

Joshua: A Life-Changing Encounter with God's Word
JoshIsrael has arrived in the Promised Land, but now they must conquer it. We learn many principles from this account. God teaches unforgettable lessons about Himself and what it means to be a citizen of His Kingdom.