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Help for leaders from Officers' Christian Fellowship
This week, we're focusing on the topic of leadership. You can find a lot of leadership resources...

What makes small groups worth it?
My last small group ended in a mutual break-up. Everyone's life circumstances were changing, and...

Do large age gaps hurt small groups?
Have you ever gone to a party where every person you met was different from you? Last week, I...

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Recruiting Adult Volunteers: Publicity to Let the Congregation Know
People want to volunteer in a ministry where God is working. Good publicity lets the congregation know what God is doing in the youth ministry.

Small Groups: How Student-Led Cell Groups Can Enhance Your Ministry
Ted Stump has traveled the world observing cell groups. Now he helps youth groups put it into practice with his expertise and resources. Get the basics from this article.

Leadership Development: Confidence in Christ
Youth Ministry leaders must have assurance of their relationship with Christ, by Dr. Barry St. Clair.

Leadership Crunch
Dr. Barry St. Clair discusses the impact of developing leaders and how to help them build their lives and ministries on the foundation of Jesus.

Volunteers: Finding and Supporting Them (Part 2)
In "Part 2" of this article, Dr. Barry St. Clair lays out qualifications for volunteer youth workers, gives a strategy to train them, and discusses additional issues we face in working with volunteers.

Finding and Supporting Volunteers (Part 1)
Volunteers can be a pain or a blessing. Dr. Barry St. Clair tells the importance of developing volunteers, the types we need in our ministries, how to find them and how to prevent being abused by them.

The Power of Small Groups
There are times when smaller is even better, and healthier. Growing deeper, sharing life together, becoming more intimate, real, honest and open really comes from the power of small groups.

Youth Bible Studies
Over 1000 pages of in depth Bible Studies for youth ministers and small group leaders. All available for immediate download from our Website. Contains full text, hints on how to study and how to teach, overhead sheets and student handouts.

Sermon Illustrations, People Stories, Quotes and Teacher Helps
Need just the right quote, activity or people story to clinch your point? Pastors, Youth Workers and Small Group Leaders use this growing database of over 3500 teacher resources to increase the impact of their messages.

Small Groups
Everything you need to start, develop further, reform, manage and lead an effective small group program for your church! Small groups are designed to meet the deepest relational and learning needs of the congregation. Small groups can help provide the framework for us be challenged to worship God...