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Today's devotional: the spiritual benefits of solitude
When is the last time you intentionally took time to be alone? A devotional at Wonder of Creation...

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True Woman: Sacred Deprivation
It was in that exhausted stated that I had an epiphany. I’m not tired from a lack of sleep. I’m tired from a lack of the sacred.

Solitude in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Despite the immense pressures of his ministry, Jesus took time out periodically to find a quiet place to pray. It's a good example for us to follow in our own busy lives.

David Brainerd : David Brainerd's Life Text
It is a thickly-wooded solitude beside a graceful inlet of the Susquehanna. The dense and matted vegetation stands as it has stood from the foundation of the world. The silence of the wilderness is broken only by the lapping of the mimic wavelets and the flapping of the wings of the waterfowl. On th

Introducing the Ignatian Examen to Your Students
Why teach your students about the Examen? There are lots of reasons! It is a valuable tool for self-assessment, which is a critical skill for developing spiritual independence. It draws students towards silence and solitude, two disciplines that are nearly non-existent in their worlds.