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Siesta: Christian Resources for Spanish-speaking persons at Peggie's Place!
Resource links for Spanish-speaking seekers and believers.

divorcio y nuevo matrimonio
Divorce and remarriage - What does the Bible say? (In Spanish)

problemas emocionales 1
How to deal with emotional problems. This is in Spanish.

el homosexualismo
A simple Bible study on homosexuality in Spanish.

la Virgen Maria
A series of articles and studies about Mary in Spanish.

dia de los muertos - introduccion
A series on the Day of the Dead in Spanish.

la Santa Trinidad
A summary of the teaching on the Holy Trinity in Spanish.

Semana Santa - breve resumen de la pascua
A series on Holy Week (Easter) in Spanish.

Some thoughts about Halloween in Spanish.

el verdadero significado de la navidad
A series of illustrations about the true meaning of Christmas, in Spanish.